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So, start this by adding the phone number of the victim’s account while setting up the account. The other flavour is, if the attacker tries to modify the profile of the user while the user is in his home network. The modification of those may hinder proper charging of the user and result in a potential fraud scenario. But on the other hand operators tend to use ranges of address blocks for their nodes, so a brute force try-and-error may yield the desired result. I.e. an attacker may exploit this to add himself to a closed group by adding the CSG-Id. Whatsapp has since fixed this bug with the latest update but if you have not updated to the latest version then chances are you are still vulnerable to this hack and hackers could benefit from this WhatsApp Exploit. how to hack whatsapp remotely without being detected? Closed Subscriber Groups (CSG) are intended to be used for groups which require special security like fire brigade, rescue workers, police or similar. it is described how using a IDR command with CSG replaces the existing Closed Subscription Data stored in the MME. The MME should not accept IDR messages for its own subscriber coming from the DEA. The attacker is now in possession of the IMSI of the user, the serving MME and SGSN. The IMSI is embedded into the users UICC card (commonly called SIM card) and does not change during the lifetime of the card, only with replacement of the card it changes. Each operator supports different services for his users and has different features deployed therefore each subscriber profile looks somewhat different. This method is really a good one but a little difficult for the non-technical users. The most reliable method to hack your wife’s WhatsApp is to use an appropriate spy app. So if you want for example install spy software on your kids PC and monitor on all its activities. The device also helps you to know whether your child is indulging in bad habits or having wrong company and you can confront it at the right time.Spy Mobile Phone Software in Delhi is accessible via spy shops or reputed dealers at affordable rate.

WhatsApp spy app is available in both paid and free methods. It also comes with a three-day free trial to test its features. It is always proven to be the best hacking application that is why it comes first in the list best WhatsApp Hacking applications. The list of compatible devices can be found on the app company’s website. Click here to visit the official Cocosy website and get your Whatsapp monitoring started immediately! Yes, You Can Hack Whatsapp Account. Interested in using Spyic to hack a WhatsApp account? It is possible to send messages in WhatsApp without opening it from notifications. You can read messages and check media in Android, but it needs rooting. All messages streaming through the platform are secured so that just the sender and the recipient can see them. We assume, that once an attacker holds a complete subscriber profile of a user of one operators he can deduct the structure of the profile and by that figure out, what are “nice” items to modify for another subscription. Figure 9 Subscription Profile Placement in MME. We saw how an attacker can extract a subscriber profile from an HSS and places a potentially modified profile into the MME.

Even if not strictly needed for the profile extraction and modification, it helps the attacker to stay unnoticed. Figure 7 Profile extraction using ULR. Figure 8 Setting back the MME entry to “old home MME”. The effects of changing this entry in the MSISDN needs still further study, but potentially poses quite a fraud and impersonation risk. This message contains the MSISDN (phone number) of the user. MSISDN i.e. phone number is also part of the subscriber profile. The ProSe Subscription Data is also part of the Subscription Data. He can also set for another subscription the Proximity Service (ProSe) discovery settings differently and by that the target user can then be traced. Proximity Security (ProSe) is a security concept for local means of communication and intended for public services usage (e.g. governments). Of course, the long-term goal should be to really set-up an IPSec based secure communication with the partners, but there are many non-technical obstacles on that road. There are only 2-3 steps involved in this process.